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Ezam accuses Selangor MB’s office of power abuse
Andrew Ong | Jul 1, 08 3:45pm

Former PKR stalwart Ezam Mohd Noor – and now Umno member – today lodged an Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) report against the Selangor menteri besar’s office for alleged abuse of power in the solicitation of funds for the state government’s


100-day celebration.

The report lodged this morning at the Selangor ACA headquarters in Shah Alam claimed that the menteri besar’s office was used to advance PKR-related matters – which Ezam claimed was a clear abuse of power.

ezam to shah alam aca 010708 02After the report was lodged, Ezam told reporters that he had submitted to the ACA a facsimile which bore the Selangor MB office’s letterhead and fax number.

The fax was initially sent to a business entity, talking about party-related matters, according to Ezam.

“Clearly, this is an abuse of power,” said Ezam, a founding member and once powerful figure in PKR, which leads the coalition administrating Selangor under Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim.

Ezam would only show reporters the cover page of the letter and refused to divulge details of the content on the grounds that it might jeopardise police investigations.

The report is a follow-on from Ezam’s earlier allegation that the menteri besar’s office had collected funds from businesses for the 100-day-in-office bash but the monies was deposited into PKR’s account instead of the state coffers, an act that was allegedly tantamount to criminal breach of trust.

Not politically motivated

Asked on his interest in the matter since he has left PKR for Umno, Ezam said that he lodged the report as a citizen of Selangor and that the matter was a state affair.

“It is a state affair involving, if I’m not mistaken, RM200,000 collected from rate payers. I am one of them and I want a clarification,” he said.

He stressed that he would lodge reports on corruption indiscriminately and that his move against the Selangor menteri besar’s office was not politically motivated.

“If people can produce documents on other state governments, officers and even Umno, as long as the documents are in order, I can raise the issue.

“I have made a lot of reports before. None of the reports that I have made have been retracted since I rejoined Umno. If I retract than you can say I have political motives,” he said.

Ezam was alluding to the reports he made previously as the former head of Gerak, an anti-graft NGO which he set up in 2005 but left after his departure from PKR in order to keep the neutrality of the organisation.

Meanwhile, Selangor ACA director Ja’afar Mahad confirmed that he had received Ezam’s report and said that investigations on the matter had begun prior to the lodging of today’s report.


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