Nik Aziz regrets media obsession in sodomy case – Malaysiakini

Kelantan Menteri Besar Nik Aziz Nik Mat has urged the media to stop highlighting the alleged sodomy case involving


de facto PKR leader Anwar Ibrahim.

He said that by doing so, they were humiliating Anwar even though no charge has been levelled against him yet, Bernama quoted him as saying in Kota Baru.

nik aziz angry and pas 020607 The PAS spiritual leader hit out at media practitioners for the excessive coverage to the extent that Anwar had been humiliated even though he had yet to be proven guilty.

He regretted the media obsession in reporting the news on Anwar’s detention on the front page together with his picture, but his release on police bail was only briefly reported.

“I want to ask why they (media) want to shame him to the extent of putting him on the front page…(we) must remember that Allah will cover our shame in the hereafter if we do the same for others and Allah will also expose our shame later if we expose others’ shame in the present world,” he said at his Friday lecture at Dataran Ilmu.


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