Ops Sept 16: PKR four off to Taiwan – Malaysiakini

Ops Sept 16: PKR four off to Taiwan
Kuek Ser Kuang Keng & Andrew Ong | Sep 11, 08 4:36pm
Four PKR leaders will be flying off to Taiwan tomorrow in a bid to meet their Barisan Nasional counterparts who had earlier agreed to defect in time for the Sept 16 takeover plan.


Tentatively, the four member PKR delegation would consist of party vice-president Dr Lee Boon Chye, party strategist Saifuddin Nasution, deputy election director Fuziah Salleh and publicity chief Tian Chua.

pkr daily pc 240808 tian chuaAccording to Tian Chua, the decision to fly to Taiwan was made by the party’s powerful political bureau during a meeting chaired by party supreme Anwar Ibrahim today.

“We have to discuss the finer details of the takeover plan with the BN MPs. Anwar doesn’t have to go personally,” said Chua.

The four PKR leaders are suppose to meet some of the 49 BN MPs who are on a retreat which was organised in haste by the Barisan Back Benchers Club, ostensibly to study Taiwan’s agricultural industry.

The BN MPs flew off to Taiwan on Sept 7 and are only scheduled to be back on Sept 19, three days after Sept 16 deadline imposed by Anwar to topple the BN federal government.

Three options

Chua also said that the government takeover was on schedule though Pakatan Rakyat has yet to come to a consensus on the exact methodology.

“Firstly, we can ask for emergency Parliament sitting where we can push for a no-confidence motion. Secondly, we can bring all the MPs to meet the king to appoint a new government.

“Thirdly, we can write a letter to the king with all the signatures of the MPs to inform his majesty that Anwar has the majority support of the MPs,” he said.

However, Chua admits that the last option was flawed since Barisan can do the same thing.

The four PKR representatives to Taiwan are expected to return to Malaysia on Sept 15 in time for a meeting with Pakatan leaders to finalise plans.

“On Sept 16, we would execute the plan. We’ll give it our best effort to ensure success, even if it takes time,” he said.

Change is imminent

In a related development, Pakatan has announced that Sept 16 deadline may have to be deferred due to the Taiwan trip by the BN MPs but the coalition was still confident that a change of federal government would happen soon.

The announcement was made in a joint statement by PKR secretary-general Salehuddin Hashim, DAP political education director Loke Siew Fook and PAS secretary-general Kamarudin Jaffar.

In the statement, Pakatan blamed Umno and BN for fanning racial sentiments to divert attention from the government’s weak leadership.

“In view of the latest developments, many Barisan MPs have lost faith in the government and have decided to be with Pakatan. Pakatan stresses that we have never, nor do we need to, buy or bribe BN MPs to join us.

“They are driven by their own realisations and have given us the commitment to support our agenda for change,” read the statement.

However, the statement said that a group of elite Barisan leaders still hoped on causing anarchy in order to stop the takeover of the federal government and force a mass arrest or declaration emergency.

“We urge Malaysians, and Umno supporters, to remain calm and not get caught in political rethorics…We believe that any efforts by BN would only delay the takeover but not foil it because Barisan’s formula has failed,” read the statement.


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