Dr M blames Pak Lah for rising racism among Malays – Malaysian Insider

Dr M blames Pak Lah for rising racism among Malays
By Wan Hamidi Hamid

Political Editor

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 11 ~ Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today blamed Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi for letting racial tensions mount to the point where younger Malays are becoming more racial.

-The majority of the Malay professionals and young Malays have hardened their stand on the position of their race since the disaster of 2008.

-They are incensed especially by the arrogance of the Bar Council. They now question the social contract and reject the need to adhere to it. This sounds almost like the Chinese stand. But the difference is startling and disturbing,” said the former prime minister.

Dr Mahathir’s latest attack against his successor comes amid reports that he will make a return to Umno and back leaders to take on and topple Abdullah as party president and prime minister.

While Dr Mahathir acknowledged the emergence of liberal Malays who are questioning the need for affirmative action and the New Economic Policy, he said they were in a minority compared to the more insular Malays.

He said many younger Malays were now questioning the concessions given to non-Malay communities, especially on education and the use of languages.

Writing in his blog yesterday, the former premier said these Malays were incensed by the Bar Council for what they consider to be the questioning of Malay rights as laid down in the so-called social contract.

“The selective freedoms are stirring up racist feelings everywhere. Hence the remarks made by the State Assemblywoman from Perak and Dato Ahmad Ismail in Penang. And now we see the support given to Ahmad and the condemnation of MCA and Gerakan leaders by all the 13 Umno divisions in Penang.

“I believe racist sentiments among Malays and non-Malays are rising. If it flares up the stability of this country may be affected permanently. We may see political wrangling of the kind we see in several other countries. In the process the economy of this country would be destroyed,” he said.

Dr Mahathir said that although Abdullah tried to placate everyone by splashing out funds and projects, no one believed him because they never materialised.

“The fact is that nobody believes him or trusts him. No one has been placated.”

Dr Mahathir’s solution?

“Right thinking people must make their rejection of Datuk Seri Abdullah’s leadership heard. If we don’t then whatever racial harmony that exists would be eroded and will destroy this beloved country.


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